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Tesla wants to split its stock so it can pay a stock dividend


Tesla wants to split its stock so it can pay a stock dividend to shareholders, according to a filing Monday.

The Securities and Exchange Commission filing said the electric car maker will ask at its annual shareholders meeting “for an increase in the number of authorized shares of common stock ... in order to enable a stock split of the Company’s common stock in the form of a stock dividend.”

America’s first Bitcoin ETF hits a record high trading volume after 2 weeks of strong inflows 




The first Bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund (ETF) in North America, the Purpose Bitcoin ETF, designed to provide investors with risk-adjusted returns above outright token ownership has climbed to a new all-time high in the number of Bitcoins it holds.

As things stand, the Canadian ETF currently holds 36,271.8BTC and has seen a net gain of 2,473.5BTC in the previous two weeks, according to data from on-chain data analytics platform Glassnode shared by Wu Blockchain on March 25.



Tesla - In the midst of the semiconductor crisis, the electric car brand announced a 20% increase in deliveries in the third quarter to a record 241,000 cars.



Facebook is facing a general breakdown, the group's share price is down 4.89% on the day.


Facebook shares have been in trouble on the stock market since the beginning of September (-14%).




Evergrande warns of potential default as Chinese property giant's empire falters


Burdened with $259bn of debt to date, China's largest property developer has warned the markets of a potential default. Many fear that it will declare itself insolvent, a decision that could have serious consequences, not only for the Chinese economy but also for the social stability of a country where tens of millions of households have invested in property. If the group were to go bankrupt, it would leave 1.4 million homes unfinished.



Bernard Arnaud finalised on Wednesday his exit from the capital of Carrefour in which he had been a shareholder for 14 years.


The LVMH CEO sold his 5.7% stake for around €724m via his holding company Agache, in a placement carried out by way of construction. On the Paris stock exchange, Carrefour shares were down 4.18% at €16,145 at 10.22am.


The placement was made at a price of €16 per share, well below the initial investment by Bernard Arnault, who in 2007 took a 9.8% stake in Carrefour for an average price of €47 per share. 



Xavier Niel launches a takeover bid for Iliad to take Free off the stock exchange.



LVMH reported better-than-expected results for the first half of the year on Monday, confirming the renewed appetite of luxury customers.


In the first six months of the year, the group's sales of 75 luxury brands rose 56% to €28.67bn compared to 2020. They benefited in particular from the very strong momentum of the fashion and leather goods division (Louis Vuitton, dIOR, etc.) as well as the American jeweller Tiffany, acquired by LVMH at the beginning of the year.



ECB lifts final restrictions on bank dividends.


In a long-awaited decision, the European Central Bank (ECB) has lifted the remaining restrictions on the distribution of earnings by banks in the eurozone. The Fed in the US and the Bank of England have already taken similar decisions in recent years.



Robinhood is targeting a $35b valuation for its IPO. The finch expects to raise $2bn in its IPO, which could be held on July 29.



Revolut's valuation is overshadowing the established banks.


With a fundraising of $800m and a valuation of $33b, the British finch, backed by Vision Fund, is now worth more than Société Générale or Deutsche Bank. For example, Société Générale is valued at $21b.



Didi Global, the Chinese chauffeur-driven car company, expects to achieve a valuation of $62bn to $67bn in its initial public offering in New York, according to a filing with stock exchange authorities.


On a fully diluted basis, the group's valuation could exceed $70bn. Its competitor Uber is worth $95bn.This is the largest IPO by a Chinese company on the New York Stock Exchange since Alibaba's in 2014.



Game Stop is taking advantage of a new surge in its share price (+400% since the low months of February) to restore its equity. 


The American video game group, which had been at the heart of a stock market frenzy at the beginning of the year, announced on Tuesday that it had completed a $1.13bn capital increase.


The market is expecting the Fed to keep interest rates unchanged and maintain its asset purchases at $120 billion a month. 


"I think the next 24 hours will see a lot of jolts, first up, then a small correction as the market starts to position itself, and then we can prepare for a rally if we get the green light from the Fed," said K. Rodda, a market analyst at IG quoted by Reuters. 



Despite political tensions between China and the United States, VTC group Didi Chuxing is about to sign the biggest listing of a Chinese group in New York since Alibaba.





This variant of Spac was invented by Bill Ackman, the manager of the Pershing Square fund, whose Spac Pershing Square is negotiating the acquisition of a 10% stake in Universal Music.


Unlike a Spac, which goes public to raise money to finance a subsequent acquisition, the Park does not raise capital. Instead, it issues special purpose acquisition rights (SPARs) that will entitle the holder to subscribe for SPARC shares when an acquisition is found.



Mergers & Acquisitions: $2 trillion global milestone passed in 5 months.


Since January, M&A deals have approached the $2.4 trillion mark. An unprecedented volume driven by SPAC fever. Like the project confirmed by Bill Ackman on Friday to buy 10% of Universal Music's capital.

(Picture: David Solomon, Goldman Sachs CEO)



Share price performance @23:00 (after market close):


Solution 30: €3.05 (-70.62% vs last close) 

LUXX: 1534 pts (+0.23% vs last close)

Solution 30 falls 70% on Monday morning, back to 3 euros. In a press release issued yesterday, the group pointed out that its annual financial report included a report by the EY firm indicating its inability "to express an opinion" on the company's accounts. The group added that it totally disagreed with this "unusual position" and refuted EY's conclusion that "misstatements detected could be both material and of a diffuse nature".  



Share price performance @22:00 (after market close):

Iliad SA: 136.4€ (-8% vs last close)

CAC 40: 6,353.67pts (-1.43%vs last close) 

Iliad shares fell sharply on the Paris stock exchange on Tuesday as the parent company of telecoms operator Free suspended its forecast of $900m of operating cash flow in France this year. "The almost certain lowering of this target is at the heart of the market's concerns," said Citi.



Stock market: Fears of returning inflation send global markets tumbling.


Europe's main stock markets fell on Tuesday, led by technology stocks. The CAC40 closed down -1.86% at 6,267.39 points, hit by renewed fears of an inflationary surge. After a session in the red on Monday, Wall Street was again down on Tuesday.



Warren Buffet castigates the commitment to SPACs. The Ohama sage criticised the Wall Street hype during the annual general meeting of his conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway. He also compared the market to a casino out of touch with reality.

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