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Your source for Economics articles, news, & reading notes as well as interviews in the near future.

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All my posts, including News, short posts based on what is going on in the economic world, and Articles, which are longer posts often unrelated to a particular time frame  


The Student Economics Blog brings together a global community of thousands of economics passionate.

Reading Notes


Pop Internationalism 
by Paul Krugman, 1996

Pop Internationalism is a book written by Paul Krugman, an American economist, to sweep away the clichés about globalization, what he calls "pop culture". Pop Internationalism was written to be understood not only by the most experienced economists but also by the general public.

In Pop Internationalism, "pop" means "popular" and designates a popular and dominant ideology in society. This "pop culture" denounces globalization as the scourge of the 20th century due to relocations, leading to growing unemployment, especially since the crisis that began in July 2007. In Pop Internalism, Paul Krugman desacralizes the arguments against globalization.

Globalization in pop culture ....

Baptiste, Founder

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Who am I?

  • I am French and 21 years old

  • I am an Economics student at the University of Cambridge

  • By creating the SEB, I want to share my passion for economics with as many students as possible from all around the world.

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